the new multi role

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World‘s most advanced amphibious mission platform

The Orca is based on the superior design concept of the Seastar, with same features and advantages but optional internal and external mission equipment stations.

The main concept of the Orca is to enhance typical maritime security missions and merge seaborne & airborne operations, which is a more superior alternative to rotor wings.

The Orca can be typically equipped with camera and radar systems for search and surveillance and stretchers for medical evacuation. The Orca can be highly customized and ideally suited to the current operational profile and demand.

Next to the use of most modern systems, the Orca features an all-composite airframe which make it corrosion-free even in salty environment. It can handle rough sea conditions with the boat shaped fuselage and further water surface optimized design elements,. Due to an efficient combination of 5 blade propellers with powerful turbine drive, the Orca is economical efficient and the fastest amphibious in its class.


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