Dornier Seawings acquires Flywhale project from Uniplanes GmbH

Dornier Seawings has acquired the Flywhale aircraft project from Uniplanes GmbH as of January 1, 2022.

The acquisition by Dornier Seawings includes the entire intellectual property and production assets (design data, drawings, manuals etc. as well as all toolings and moulds required for serial production).

The Flywhale FW650 is a two-seat amphibious light sports aircraft fully made of composite materials, and featuring similar design principals to the current main product of Dornier Seawings, the Dornier Seastar CD2.

“The Flywhale fits very well into our product portfolio given its flying boat configuration and proven design features such as corrosion-free composites, high wings and engine as well as sponsons,” said Amy Pan, CEO of Dornier Seawings. “Our mission is to revive the Dornier flying boat tradition with advanced technology to provide our customers with the unique experience of superior mobility that combines water, land and air operation. We are convinced that the Flywhale, as the first scion of the Seastar family, will not only contribute to value creation, but also unleash its potential as an unlimited platform for smart technological innovation in the AAM* segment.” (*Synonym for: Advanced Air Mobility, Flying Taxi, etc.)

“I am enthusiastic about Dornier Seawings’ decision to acquire the Flywhale project. The powerful background of Dornier will strengthen the market position and make the Flywhale part of the Dornier family, which takes it to a long history of flying boats. After having stabilized the production in the past this will be the right step to distribute this successful product all over the world. I am convinced that the Dornier legacy and financial power will give the project a bright future” stated Sören Pedersen, CEO of Uniplanes GmbH.

In the years to come, the Flywhale will not just feature the most modern systems and unrivalled performance specs within its segment but be produced and sold worldwide with the name DS-2C by Dornier Seawings.

Besides the core project DS-2C, Dornier Seawings will use this aircraft as a research platform to enter the ‘advanced air mobility’ segment and to present the DS-2C-X-eVTOL, the world’s first amphibious eVTOL jet.

Dornier Seawings is expected to announce a number of important details on the DS-2C and ‘advanced air mobility’ research program in the upcoming months to further reinforce their visionary ‘unlimited runways’-approach by offering economical and environmentally friendly products.




Future research platform DS-2C-X-eVTOL