Company Overview

Welcome to Dornier Seawings, manufacturer of world-class composite aviation products.

Our mission is to design, build, test and qualify innovative technology foremost in the aviation segment, mainly by using highest standards of modern carbon and glass-fiber materials. With our most prominent product, Seastar CD2, the world’s most advanced amphibious aircraft, we provide you with our vision of “unlimited runways” for private, corporate and governmental applications.

Dornier Seawings is a multicultural and multi-national Joint Venture between the Dornier family and two fully state-owned Chinese enterprises. The Joint Venture is headquartered in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China.
With the strong heritage of more than 100 years in aviation and strong financial setup, Dornier Seawings is able to launch a new century for innovative products and projects, which meet highest environmental and economical standards in a worldwide connecting business.

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Cui Yihua (Eason)

General Manager

Eason holds a Bachelor’s degree in Aircraft Design and Engineering and a Master’s degree in Solid Mechanics from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. With over two decades of aviation expertise, he has excelled in flight testing, aircraft manufacturing, aircraft design, quality management and airworthiness management roles. Eason has boasts over a decade of management roles in new aircraft engineering projects, demonstrating profound leadership skills in aviation.









WuxiCommunications Industry Group Co., Ltd.,
(100 YunheE Rd, Nanchang Qu, Wuxi Shi, Jiangsu, PR China, 214123)
owns 17 wholly-owned and holding companies, covering urban public transportation, highway passenger transportation, transportation infrastructure construction, aircraft manufacturing, general aviation services, intelligent transportation, financial leasing, and taxis. The company has a registered capital of 5.538 billion yuan(approx. 695 million EUR).
Wuxi Industry Development Group Co., Ltd.
(No.168 XianqianWest Road, Wuxi, Jiangsu, PR China)

has 33 wholly-owned and holding enterprises and public institutions, and 30 shareholding enterprises, consisting of the 6 main businesses of advanced manufacturing, microelectronics, new energy, new materials, environmental protection and modern services. In 2017, its wholly-owned and holding enterprises achieve operating income of 24.285 billion yuan(approx. 3 billion EUR), total profits of 3.201 billion yuan(approx. 400 million EUR), and total revenues of over 70 billion yuan(8,8 billion EUR). Wuxi Industry Development Group Co., Ltd. ranks among China’s top 500 enterprises since 9 consecutive years.

The Dornier Family

is the leading industrial player in aerospace engineering and aviation for more than 100 years.

Shareholders of the Dornier Seawings GmbH (DS Germany)

  • Dornier Family - 15%
  • Dornier Seawings Co., Ltd. (DS China) - 85%

Shareholders of the Dornier Seawings Co., Ltd. (DS China)

  • Dornier Family - 35%
  • Wuxi Industry Development Group Co., Ltd. - 20%
  • Wuxi Communications Industry Group Co., Ltd. - 45%




Visit the Dornier Museum

The Dornier Museum is located in Friedrichshafen at the Lake of Constance, Germany and offers a great overview of the Dornier Heritage.