Fly somewhere, everywhere


DS-2C is a two-seat amphibious, light sports aircraft manufactured from lightweight, carbon fibre materials. Light by design, but incorporating structural integrity for safety of flight. The aircraft can host up to two occupants and 100 liters of fuel, which secures your next adventure.

This two-seater aircraft fully adheres to Dornier Seawings vision of unlimited runways, featuring state-of-the-art aircraft systems and unrivalled performance specifications within its segment. The aircraft is powered by the highly reliable, light and fuel efficient Rotax(R) 912is engine, which is not only fuel saving, but also reduces the carbon footprint and is environmental-friendly.

Constructed to be safe

Superior Design

Our light sports amphibious aircraft is designed to let nothing stand in the way of your adventures. The aircraft design is based on rigorous safety standards, combining unparralled performance with best in class systems and features. No further compromise is needed with the DS-2C.

Best in class Performance

Sea, Air and Land

DS-2C is the fastest aircraft in its class. The typical cruise speed, at max cruise power setting* is about 185 km/h IAS, which is even outperforming similar land aircraft. Whether on water, on land or in the air this power is immediately noticeable.

The typical equipped aircraft comes with about 250kg of payload, which is an outstanding number. The useful payload for crew or passenger, fuel and luggage has a low sensitive weight & balance, which allow versatile loading for your adventure. The spacious cabin and baggage compartment will host all your belongings properly.

*90% power setting

Fly everywhere

Advanced Versatility

Unlimited runways – Enjoy the freedom to decide how and where to land while exploring the world. Equipped with an electrically driven 3 cycle and individually controllable landing gear as well as extremely robust tires, DS-2C defies the elements and enables safe landing on water and land.

Operate on all grounds

Almost No Limitatios

DS-2C‘s highly solid, rigid tires will stand up to any obstacles, whether ramping out of the water or landing on rough ground. The „tundra“ tires come with a realtivly large wheel diameter, which makes them to a reliable partner.

Strong brakes allow for short landing on land surfaces. The nose gear is steerable and can be used for ramping or similar purposes either fully extended or even in the retracted setup.


State of the art cockpit

Analogue meets digital

DS-2C‘s cockpit features a state of the art avionics suite with advanced vision, communication, navigation, and air traffic management systems. The avionics suite is custom tailored, offering a hybrid of analogue and digital instrumentation, or only one of these. From a maximum of simplicity to a maximum of digital functions, all preferences can be covered.

Versatile Instrument Panel
Highly customizable for your purpose
Fully analogue to fully digital, you decide

Digital Circuit Breaker
The aircraft can be equipped with digital circuit breakers to minimize knobs in the console, presenting a well organized cockpit

Free view to the front
The center stick allows a roomy and ergonomic cabin with straight and free vision to all instruments and switches

Safe Flight
Using backup batteries, meachanical pitot static for analogue plus AHRS for digital instruments providing plenty of safety and alternatives during the entire flight

Pioneering traveling comfort

Ergonomics meet functionality

DS-2C is a pioneer in storage space. With an extremely spacious baggage compartment for the aircraft class as well as side pockets, a trip can be perfectly planned. Whether a foldable bike, tent and camping equipment or everything for a perfect day at the beach incl. scuba diving, in DS-2C everything finds its place.

DS-2C combines versatile functionality and groundbreaking comfort. Pilot and fellow traveler can expect maximum legroom thanks to an ergonomic cabin design and flight control via center stick. All switches and functions can be accessed well due to balanced ergonomics and sizing.

  DS-2C baggage compartment (1m3 storage space)                DS-2C cabin with light seat design                                  DS-2C Cockpit arrangement

Technical Specification

DS-2C (650kg MTOW)

DS-2C-X-eVTOL research project

We live in a world in which the protection of our natural environment is one of the biggest challenges mankind is facing and the aviation industry has already started to address this issue. Our newly launched DS-2C-X-eVTOL project is Dornier’s contribution to this through our own research capability.

We see tremendous potential in redeveloping proven aircraft platforms such as the DS-2C to further explore evolutionary expansion of technology in the field of advanced air-mobility and apply our ever learning research to development of the world’s first all-electric amphibious eVTOL jet.

Our technological research will be done in order to explore the ideal configuration and power supply, including:

  1. Fully battery electric
  2. Hybrid Electric
  3. Hydrogen Electric
  4. Hybrid using alternative fuels

More information about this exciting project will follow soon.

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