Amphibious Medevac Configuration

The New Generation Dornier Seastar offers versatile and flexible cabin configurations. With seat rails on the cabin floor, the operators can easily transform the Seastar from its normal passenger configuration…

Unique Ramp Appeal – Minimal Infrastructure

Did you know that there are several hundreds of thousands islands around the world, which can be reached by the Seastar?   The Seastar is an ideal platform for such…

The Stern Thruster of the Seastar

Did you already know that Dornier Seawings developed an innovative hybrid drive to perform the taxiing manoeuvres on the water? – Yes we did! This unique system for seaplanes is…

Airborne Superyacht – The Cabin

You may remember the golden era of the seaplane where air travel is a luxury? You may also remember the time when it was allowed to smoke on board of…

Need for Speed

Amphibious aircraft have a similar role as helicopters, in terms of short to medium range and haul operations. However, while helicopters in a similar class have typical cruise speed around…

The Seastar – an Airplane You Can T(h)rust

The Seastar was designed with a specific objective: amphibious operations capability including regular landing on runways but also landing on water surfaces. The massive experience gained with one of the…

Corrosion is Costing You Money

Let’s name one of the biggest issues of any aircraft operating in saltwater environments – corrosion. Especially on an airplane, corrosion is not just an unattractive colour; it is a…

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