First Flight of the Seastar MSN 1004 prototype

Dornier Seawings is pleased to announce that the second prototype of the New Generation Seastar CD-2 seaplane successfully completed its first flight at our Oberpfaffenhofen plant, near Munich, last Friday, on 22nd  March. The MSN 1004 conducted a flight that last 32 minutes; the aircraft performed as expected with an initial assessment of the handling qualities and the aircraft systems. Flight tests for water operation are scheduled for this summer.

“This maiden flight is another major milestone for the Seastar program toward our goal of achieving the “new” EASA certification in 2025 and bringing this unique seaplane to the market. The aircraft structure made entirely of composites and the ability to transport up to 9 passengers together with the proven typical Dornier boat-shaped style give us significant advantages against every other aircraft on the market or under construction right now. This prototype represents the production/certification configuration“, said Cui Yihua, Managing Director of Dornier Seawings GmbH.

About Seastar

The Seastar is the ultimate amphibious seaplane, developed jointly between Dornier Seawings Germany and Dornier Seawings China, engineered to operate from runways and water surfaces. It provides fast access to yachts or waterfront properties for owners looking for a premium and exclusive craft but it is also designed with an unrivaled versatility and performance for airlines commuting to distant islands, for agencies connecting remote territories inaccessible by other means, or for adventurous spirits delighted to possess something unique.