Spreading awareness of the Seastar, Dornier Seawings travels down under to Avalon Airshow

Sonderflughafen Oberpfaffenhofen, Weßling, Germany: February 21th, 2017 

Dornier Seawings is preparing to exhibit at the annual International Australia Airshow in Geelong, Australia from February 28th- March 5th 2017. Dornier Seawings plans to showcase the advantages of its airplane, the Dornier Seastar CD2, the world ́s most amphibious aircraft. To fulfil the company ́s vision of “One Aircraft, Millions of Runway ́s”, the Seastar ́s various customer segments will be represented at the air show, including its advantages in a special mission application.

The show is an ideal place for Dornier Seawings to connect with certain key customer segments, including the government and corporate special mission market in Australian and Asia-Pacific regions. The region is very attractive for the use of the Seastar due to the high concentration of coastal land and islands, as well as, particularly in Australia, the strong history of seaplane usage. According to various sources, growth in demand for helicopters and other small aircraft including seaplanes, has grown tremendously in the past 10 years in the Asia-Pacific region and is predicted to continue a promising demand over the next 10 years.1, 2,3 An additional promising trend for the Seastar is the fact that many key airports e.g. in Malaysia and Thailand are operating over capacity. Some of this traffic, or tasks could be accommodated by seaplanes, without requiring investment into additional airport infrastructure, which is cost and time intensive.

Particularly interesting for the Avalon Air Show however, are the Seastar ́s application possibilities. “We can offer a powerful yet flexible platform for a wide variety of government and corporate special missions”, says Peter Hermle of Dornier Seawings. These applications include; pollution control, fisheries control, transport to and from drilling platforms and mining sites, search and rescue and other maritime security efforts. Many economies within the Asia-Pacific are highly reliant on natural resource extraction and fishery, as well as being characteristic of vast, sparsely populated areas of land which are separate by ocean, making an amphibious aircraft such as the Seastar, the ideal mode of transportation to provide unrestricted access. Come visit us at booth 1k24 and spread the word on social media!