Unique Ramp Appeal – Minimal Infrastructure

Did you know that there are several hundreds of thousands islands around the world, which can be reached by the Seastar?


The Seastar is an ideal platform for such terrain. Let’s take Indonesia as an example, with its 17.500 Islands. Most of the Islands are reachable within a 200nm (360km radius) to each other.

This matches perfectly to the Seastar, which is designed to carry 9 passenger with baggage and one pilot to this 200nm distance in a fast and comfortable way.

In just 70 min you can reach such a 200nm distance destination and even don’t need an airport; Just a strip of water is enough.

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By using a floating dock or similar devices you can quickly moor the Seastar and board or deboard your passengers or guests.


One further alternative is to have a small ramp with platform. This allows you to exit the water and position the aircraft directly beside your residence or location with a minimum of infrastructure.There is no further infrastructure e.g. taxi way or runway needed, except the natural water ways.

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This approach minimize the required efforts to operate such a form of travel and make it economic and ecological friendly compared to other assets in this category.

The Seastar is made for purpose, which maximizes your personal travel experience.

Wherever the Seastar goes, the unique appearance and functionality would attract everybody’s attention.

Be the Star of the Sea with the Seastar, world’s most advanced amphibious aircraft.


(*All given technical information are subject to change without any notice, preliminary and pending on numerous factors.)